Faculty Introduction

The School of Accounting consists of three disciplines: Accounting, Financial Management, and Auditing. The School has a long history and tradition of academic excellence. It is currently one of the largest, most comprehensive business schools in SWUFE, with 171 staff members. Of these, 111 are faculty members, including 101 participating and 10 supporting faculty. Of the 111 faculty, 91.9% hold doctorates and many of them are from top universities worldwide such as Tsinghua University, Maastricht University in the Netherlands, Fukuoka University in Japan, Macquarie University in Australia, Rutgers University in the United States, and the University of Hong Kong. Of the 79 full-time faculty members, 27 are professors (of which 19 are doctoral supervisors), 35 are associate professors, and 17 are assistant professors. Of the core faculty, 51% have overseas study and training experience at universities such as Columbia, University of Illinois, Queens, The University of Texas at Dallas, Macquarie University, Rutgers University, Hong Kong Baptist University, City University of New York (CUNY) and Nanyang Technological University. The “post-doctorate faculty system” and “sustainable overseas faculty plan”[1] ensure that more new faculty will join SOA. In addition, SOA has also set up a process to systematically invite internationally renowned experts as visiting professors, visiting researchers, and short-term visiting lecturers. In addition to the 111 full-time and part-time faculty members, there are 60 administrative staff members, including 33 full-time and 27 part-time employees.